UKERC & CIED energy efficiency report

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency could save the UK £7.5 billion by 2035 according to a new report from the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) and the UK Energy Research Council (UKERC).

The authors stress the importance of energy efficiency in buildings to reducing both household bills and the UK’s energy demand. Since 2004, says the document, improved energy efficiency has reduced household energy consumption by one fifth, and another quarter of current energy consumption could be reduced by 2035 with government investment in energy efficiency. The research – authored by CIED’s Dr Jan Rosenow and Professor Steve Sorrell along with new EUED Champion Professor Nick Eyre and E3G’s Pedro Guertler – estimates the financial value of these reductions at £7.5 billion.

The technology to significantly reduce domestic energy consumption is there and the report authors are urging policymakers to invest in initiatives to roll out home energy efficiency improvements on a national scale. The knock-on benefits of these types of improvements – including improved health and general boosts to the economy –  could be up to £47 billion. As the authors say “The best available evidence shows that upgrading the UK’s existing buildings can provide substantial energy savings while delivering large benefits to society. It should therefore be a central component of the low carbon energy transition”.

The report has been picked up by a number of major media outlets including the BBC, The Times, The Guardian and Bloomberg.


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