The future of office work

future of office work

A new DEMAND Centre Research Insight looks into the future of office work and the potential benefits and pitfalls of mobile and flexible working.

We hear a lot about flexible, agile and mobile working as ways of making more efficient use of office space and offering workers greater freedom in how they carry out their daily tasks. But DEMAND Centre researchers are arguing that a greater understanding of how these concepts work in practice – and how they will develop in future – is needed before we will be able to say if they really reduce energy demand.

The researchers conducted a literature review, interviews and workshops to find out how offices have changed, what ‘alternative’ models of office are being used and how mobile/flexible working is happening in reality.¬†

The Research Insight (entitled Office Work Futures Рthe impact of mobile and flexible working led by Noel Cass) shows up some interesting findings about who and what is really driving moves to flexible working, and whether energy demand is actually reduced or merely moved elsewhere as a result of changing practices.

The implications are that we need to know more about the actual effectiveness of these practices and how they might develop in future before being able to provide evidence as to whether they are capable of reducing energy demand.


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