Technological options for retail refrigeration


Call for Reviews

Technological options for retail refrigeration

Written by experts from London South Bank University (LSBU), in a few months, the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) will publish the book ‘Technological options for retail refrigeration’.

This online publication presents a review of display refrigeration technologies for food, then sets out the conditions and rules for the application of these technologies in supermarkets and stores. It also focuses on solutions to reduce energy consumption (indirect emissions) and refrigerant leaks (direct emissions).

Although it has already been reviewed once, before being published as an e-book, the IIR would like to benefit from the comments, suggestions and expertise of its members on the current version of this book.

There is a 3-month consultation period during which time reviewers can comment via Google docs or using a PDF file. The review is only open to IIR members. Once the consultation period has closed LSBU will collate comments and update the document, which will then be published by the IIR will as an e-book. The retail roadmap is now published for consultation to IIR members via their website.

Further information on this publication is available on the IIR website.
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