Enhancing the policy impact of energy research


A special section of the Journal of Energy Research and Social Science (edited by CIED’s Benjamin K Sovacool) explores ways to foreground the social in energy research.  The section begins with a full length article by Adam Cooper entitled ‘Building physics into the social: Enhancing the policy impact of energy […]

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Understanding Energy Demand – EPSRC guest blog

understanding energy

EUED Centres Coordinator James O’Toole contributes a guest blog to the EPSRC website describing the work of the Centres. The post offers a brief overview of the work the Centres are carrying out towards the overall goal of reducing energy demand in the UK.  Read the blog on the EPSRC […]

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The Nexus of Practices book

nexus of practices

A new book looking at practice theory edited by DEMAND Centre academics Alison Hui, Theodore Schatzki and Elizabeth Shove is available now. The book – full title ‘The Nexus of Practices: connections, constellations, practitioners’ – brings leading theorists of practice together to provide a fresh set of theoretical impulses for […]

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DEMAND paper wins BSA article prize

article prize

A paper from Gordon Walker, Neil Simcock and Rosie Day has won a prestigious BSA Climate Change Study Group annual article prize. The paper, entitled ‘Necessary energy uses and a minimum standard of living in the United Kingdom: Energy justice or escalating expectations?’ was nominated for one of three prizes […]

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Debating Energy Transitions – CIED Special

energy transitions

The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) contributed to a special section ‘Debating Energy Transitions’ in the Energy Research and Social Science Journal. The special section takes the form of a debate with six themed comments that read through as a conversation. The comments feature four authors from the […]

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Spatial Adventures in Energy – Call for Papers


A special issue of the journal of Energy Research and Social Science, co-edited by the CIED Centre’s Dr Lucy Baker, is calling for contributions. The issue – full title ‘Spatial Adventures in Energy: Emerging Geographies of Energy Production and Use’ is co-edited with Dr Vanesa Castan Broto of University College […]

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New CIED brochure

CIED Centre graphic

The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand have produced a new brochure highlighting their current research activities and giving more information about their centre structure. Entitled ‘Accelerating innovation to reduce energy use’ the document sets out CIED’s three research themes – emergence, diffusion and impacts – and details projects under […]

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New paper: Managing Energy in Food Supply Chains

Supermarket aisles

Members of the Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains (CSEF) Manchester team have recently published a new paper entitled ‘Trends and drivers of end-use energy demand and the implications for managing energy in food supply chains: Synthesising insights from the social sciences’. The paper appears in the Journal […]

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EUED Centres featured in E&T Magazine


An article about the work of the End Use Energy Demand Centres features in ‘Energy System Insights’ a supplement of Engineering and Technology (E&T) Magazine, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).  Entitled ‘People and Energy’ the article gives a snapshot of work from each of the six EUED Centres, […]

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CIED feature in new Energy Law and Policy book

DEMAND summer school

Professor Steven Sorrell and Dr Florian Kern of the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand contribute chapters to the new book ‘Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US’. Professor Sorrell’s chapter stresses the need for policymakers to take a system-wide perspective of where energy demand is […]

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New Energy Epidemiology brochure


The RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology has recently produced a brochure highlighting their work so far. The brochure gives an overview of the energy epidemiology approach, offers short summaries of the Centre’s projects and describes some of the impact and engagement work being carried out.  Download the CEE Brochure Visit […]

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New DEMAND paper on car dependence

car dials

A new paper from Giulio Mattioli, Jillian Anable and Katerina Vrostou mines data to dig deeper into how cars are used in the UK. The paper, entitled ‘Car dependent practices: Findings from a sequence pattern mining study of UK time use data’ looks at three types of car dependence analysis: […]

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Nature & Nature Climate Change Special feat. CIED


The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand has contributed significantly to a new special collection produced jointly by the journals Nature and Nature Climate Change.  The collection aims to look in more detail at the crucial and varied role the social sciences (integrated with natural sciences) have to play if […]

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New article: UK market for energy service contracts

Colin Nolden and Steve Sorrell of the CIED Centre have published a new article entitled ‘The UK market for energy service contracts in 2014-2015’ in Energy Efficiency. The paper reports on work done under CIED”s ‘diffusion’ theme and analsyses the UK market for energy service contracts, highlighting its importance in […]

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Rethinking resilience

A new paper from Dr Tim Schwanen arising from the Innovations in Urban Transport project has been published in the City journal. Entitled ‘Rethinking resilience as capacity to endure’ the paper looks at the use of the term ‘resilience’ in thinking about urban transport. Read the full paper at City […]

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Policy briefing: analysing re-spending rebound


A new policy briefing analyses how money saved from more efficient domestic heating is being respent. The briefing reports that although energy efficiency reduces carbon emissions overall, the ways the saved money is spent (for example on food, eating out or high carbon-footprint goods) erodes the overall reduction of C02 […]

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Car travel rebound effect estimated at 19%

A new paper from the CIED Centre estimates the rebound effect for car travel – i.e. the amount of additional distance people drove due to fuel being cheaper and more efficient – at 19% over the last 40 years. The paper in Energy Economics by Lee Stapleton, Steve Sorrell and […]

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No More Meters? Article on energy as a service.


Elizabeth Shove and Matt Watson of the EUED DEMAND Centre have written a piece for ‘The Conversation’ website entitled ‘No more meters? Let’s make energy a service, not a commodity’. The article explores the way we look at domestic energy use and how changed perceptions could lead to a reduction […]

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