Hinkley Point C briefing note from CEE Centre


RCUK CEE Deputy Director Andrew Smith and UCL ISR’s Michael Grubb have produced a briefing note on Hinkley Point C and other 3rd-gen nuclear in the context of the UK’s future energy system. In this briefing – compiled in light of recent developments – one main finding is that Hinkley […]

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Painted into a corner on Hinkley

David Elmes

New blog post on Hinkley Point nuclear power station plan from Professor David Elmes (i-STUTE Co-Investigator and Head of Warwick Business School Global Energy Research Network). This is what being painted into a corner feels like. After the surprise delay by Theresa May in the summer, the UK Government’s confirmation […]

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i-STUTE’s Elmes on Hinkley Point


David Elmes (i-STUTE Co-Investigator has been widely quoted internationally on the controversial nuclear power station project and its impact on UK bill payers and the economy. Government go ahead with Hinkley Point The government’s decision this week to approve the construction of the £18 billion Hinkley Point nuclear power plant […]

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