CIED report smart meter confusion

smart meter

Findings from a Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) study on the Smart Meter Implementation Programme have revealed communication problems are hampering the rollout. The programme is the most ambitious and expensive IT operation ever attempted by the UK government, but the researchers found that lack of public engagement […]

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Painted into a corner on Hinkley

David Elmes

New blog post on Hinkley Point nuclear power station plan from Professor David Elmes (i-STUTE Co-Investigator and Head of Warwick Business School Global Energy Research Network). This is what being painted into a corner feels like. After the surprise delay by Theresa May in the summer, the UK Government’s confirmation […]

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i-STUTE’s Elmes on Hinkley Point


David Elmes (i-STUTE Co-Investigator has been widely quoted internationally on the controversial nuclear power station project and its impact on UK bill payers and the economy. Government go ahead with Hinkley Point The government’s decision this week to approve the construction of the £18 billion Hinkley Point nuclear power plant […]

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UK Carbon Footprint Rises


CIE-Map’s Dr Anne Owen was interviewed in ‘The Environmentalist’ on 2nd August about reports that greenhouse gas emissions associated with the UK are rising.  The article – by Catherine Early – discusses Defra statistics which factor in emissions created by the process of importing goods to the UK. The rise […]

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UK’s latest carbon budget not ambitious enough?

Ship. (Credit John Fielding CC BY)

A new article in The Conversation from CIE-MAP’s Kate Scott and Marco Sakai argues that the latest carbon budget does not go far enough in trying to deliver targets set by COP21 and the Climate Change Act. The article is entitled ‘After Paris, UK’s latest ‘carbon budget’ just isn’t ambitious enough’. […]

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Sunday Times quotes Rosenow on low carbon homes

CIED researcher Dr Jan Rosenow was interviewed for a piece in the Sunday Times (06/03/15) on energy efficient houses. The article – entitled ‘The Green Light’ (Home section, p24) – notes that the UK is now 27th out of 28 in the Energy Efficiency Watch European League Table. Dr Rosenow […]

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Family energy stories film

Take 7 video

Take 7 is a short film that follows the energy stories of seven families over four seasons and the influence that solar power has had on their lives. The film was made by the Sussex Social Science Policy Researcher Unit’s Nikki Fox and was partly fiunded by the CIED Centre. More […]

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No More Meters? Article on energy as a service.


Elizabeth Shove and Matt Watson of the EUED DEMAND Centre have written a piece for ‘The Conversation’ website entitled ‘No more meters? Let’s make energy a service, not a commodity’. The article explores the way we look at domestic energy use and how changed perceptions could lead to a reduction […]

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