Thermodynamic analysis and UK energy demand


Geoff Hammond of the University of Bath describes the CIE-MAP Centre‚Äôs work seeking thermodynamic insights on energy demand reduction and circular economy interventions. Thermodynamics and the energy sector Thermodynamics are crucial to our understanding of the energy sector and the constraints on its development. The field of study provides an […]

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Energy’s role in the economy


An event run by the CIED and CIEMAP Centres in collaboration with BEIS and UKERC looked at the role energy plays in economic growth. The Energy Return on Investment (EROI) workshop brought together delegates from the world of finance, policy and research to look at how the amount of energy […]

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What is exergy economics?

How a new approach may offer insights into decoupling energy use from economic output. Blog post from Paul Brockway of the University of Leeds.   Since 1971, each 1% increase in global GDP per capita has been associated with a 0.7% increase in per capita primary energy consumption. This conflicts […]

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New Exergy Economics Materials

Sussex University

The Second International Workshop on Exergy Economics was held at the University of Sussex from 13-15th July, supported by the CIED and CIE-MAP Centres. Presentations are now available to download. Exergy is the ‘useful’ part of energy that is ‘available to do work’. When we expend ‘high quality’ energy (e.g. […]

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