Book Chapter by CIED Researcher


New Chapter ‘Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy and Natural Resources’ New book chapter on the politics of South Africa’s energy procurement written by Dr Lucy Baker, Researcher, the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) and Jesse Burton, the Energy Research Centre of the University of Cape Town. This […]

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Energy and Economic Growth book launch

energy and economic growth

CIED’s Professor Tim Foxon’s book Energy and Economic Growth will be launched on 14th December with a presentations and a q&a session. The book – full title ‘Energy and Economic Growth: Why we need a new pathway to prosperity’ – provides a historical and ecological perspective on current challenges of […]

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What is exergy economics?

How a new approach may offer insights into decoupling energy use from economic output. Blog post from Paul Brockway of the University of Leeds.   Since 1971, each 1% increase in global GDP per capita has been associated with a 0.7% increase in per capita primary energy consumption. This conflicts […]

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Energy and the Economy event

energy and the economy

The Strathclyde Centre for Energy Policy is running an international workshop entitled ‘Energy and the Economy: Pushing the Boundaries’ in London on 2nd February. The event is organised by the EUED Working with Centres project ‘Energy Saving innovation and economy wide rebound effects’ led by Professor Karen Turner at the University […]

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CIE-MAP Vienna Research visit report


Report by CIE-MAP’s Anne Owen In April four members of CIE-MAP, John Barrett, Anne Owen, Kate Scott and Marco Sakai travelled from Leeds to Vienna on a research visit. The team travelled by train – reducing the environmental impact of the visit and offering the benefit of allowing for time […]

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