Digital Technology and Sustainability


Digital Technology and Sustainability Engaging the Paradox Book ‘Digital Technology and Sustainability’ published by the Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. Edited by Mike Hazas, Co-Investigator, Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand (DEMAND) Centre and Lisa Nathan, Assistant Professor, School of Library Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia. The […]

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Beyond energy efficiency and individual behaviours


Labanca, N., Bertoldi, P. (2018) ‘Beyond energy efficiency and individual behaviours: policy insights from social practice theories’, Energy Policy, Volume115, Pages 494-502 A new paper ‘Beyond energy efficiency and individual behaviours: policy insights from social practice theories’ argues for the application of an ‘energy justice’ approach to policy making, suggesting […]

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Seminar – Accommodating algorithms


Seminar Accommodating algorithms: Rules, regularities, and infrastructural power in municipal traffic management Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand (DEMAND) Centre Wednesday, 21 February 2018 – D72 FASS meeting room 11 Accommodating algorithms: Rules, regularities, and infrastructural power in municipal traffic management Seminar delivered by DEMAND visitor Susann Wagenknecht, University of Siegen, […]

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Workshop – Energy Demand Research Challenges

energy demand workshop

Energy Demand Research Challenges Workshop Tuesday 13th March, London Workshop run by Professor Nick Eyre, Research Councils’ UK Energy Demand Research Champion. The EPSRC recently funded Professor Nick Eyre as the Energy Demand Research Champion for the Research Councils’ Energy Programme. The aim of the Champion grant is to develop a proposal […]

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How Much Energy Do We Need?

patio-heaters-1024x766 - How much energy do we need blog

How Much Energy Do We Need? Blog by Kris de Decker a visiting Research Fellow at the Demand Centre, Lancaster University. Because energy fuels both human development and environmental damage, policies that encourage energy demand reduction can run counter to policies for alleviating poverty, and the other way around. Achieving both […]

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Bedazzled by Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Bedazzled by Energy Efficiency In this article, Kris de Decker considers how the focus on energy efficiency causes present ways of life to be non-negotiable, and discusses how transforming present ways of life is key to mitigating climate change and decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. Kris de Decker is […]

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Power outlets? Where appliances meet infrastructures


A blog on the DEMAND Centre website looks at the meeting points between appliances and infrastructures and the complex political struggles taking place there. Kris de Decker, of the DEMAND Centre and LowTech Magazine looks at where we draw the line between infrastructures (largely provided by the state) and appliances […]

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In the driving seat? Precarity and car dependency.


Research findings from the DEMAND Centre explore how uncertainty around jobs and accommodation (precarity) can lead to car dependence for some despite the expense and environmental concerns. Precarity in housing and employment A new DEMAND Research Insight entitled ‘Precarity in housing and employment: a dimension of car dependency’ highlights the […]

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Solar panels switched on at Sussex

solar panels

In the largest project of its kind, 3000 solar panels have been switched on at the University of Sussex, with carbon emissions set to be halved by 2020. Brighton Pavillion MP and co-Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas activated the system on 13th October that will provide 750,000 kilowatt hours of […]

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Jetting into retirement?


A new Research Insight from the DEMAND Centre questions the likelihood of a later-life travel boom amongst those of retirement age. Have pension, will travel? We are an ageing society with more and more pensioners blessed with free time and in many cases disposable incomes. Couple this with a perception […]

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Celebrating summer schools

summer schools

The CIED and DEMAND Centres recently held successful summer schools in Brighton and Leeds respectively, helping to build capacity in the energy demand field   Capacity Building Building capacity in the field of reducing energy demand is a big part of the work of the EUED Centres and these specialised […]

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DEMAND’s Shove gives Wellcome speaking tour


The University of Lancaster’s Professor Elizabeth Shove will give a walking tour of an exhibition on electricity that the DEMAND Centre contributed to. The ‘Electricity: The Spark of Life’ exhibition at London’s Wellcome Centre featured contributions from the EUED DEMAND and CEE centres. Professor Shove will give a ‘perspective speaker […]

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