Energy’s role in the economy


An event run by the CIED and CIEMAP Centres in collaboration with BEIS and UKERC looked at the role energy plays in economic growth. The Energy Return on Investment (EROI) workshop brought together delegates from the world of finance, policy and research to look at how the amount of energy […]

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CIED’s Schwanen on micro EVs in Guardian article

micro EV

An article on micro electronic vehicles (EVs) in the Guardian quotes the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED)’s Tim Schwanen on the viability of large scale adoption. The article, (from 11th May) entitled ‘Smaller, lighter, greener: are micro EVs the future of city transport?’ looks at the different options […]

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Enhancing the policy impact of energy research


A special section of the Journal of Energy Research and Social Science (edited by CIED’s Benjamin K Sovacool) explores ways to foreground the social in energy research.  The section begins with a full length article by Adam Cooper entitled ‘Building physics into the social: Enhancing the policy impact of energy […]

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New briefing on phase-out policies


Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand calls for policies that expedite the phase-out of carbon intensive technologies to accelerate low-carbon innovations. In a new policy briefing entitled ‘Accelerating low-carbon innovation: the role for phase-out policies’ Dr Florian Kern, Dr Karoline Rogge and Dr Paula Kivimaa argue that phase-out of high-carbon […]

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CIED cited in House of Lords autonomous vehicles report

autonomous vehicles

A new report on autonomous vehicles from the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee cites evidence from the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED). The report, entitled ‘Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV): The future?’ was the result of an inquiry inspired by the rapid development of CAV technology […]

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CIED blog on automated vehicles

automated vehicles

A new blog from CIED’s Suzanne Fisher-Murray explores the implications of potential ‘radical innovations’ in automated vehicles in the freight industry. The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) held a workshop in London on 20th March jointly organised with the University of Oxford Transport Studies Unit. Stakeholders gathered to […]

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CIED’s Geels joins EEA Scientific Committee


Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) Co-Director Professor Frank Geels has joined the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) Scientific Committee. Professor Geels, of the University of Manchester Sustainable Consumption Institute was invited to join the panel of one of five new members selected from 190 applicants. The EEA advises European […]

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Accelerating Innovation – CIED Summer School

accelerating innovation

The call for applications is now open for the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) Summer School 2017 on 10-12 July. The event is aimed at doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the field of energy demand, particularly those interested in innovation studies, socio-technical transitions, science and technology studies, geography […]

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Nordic energy transitions

energy transitions

Read about a new study from the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand’s Benjamin K Sovacool on Nordic low-carbon energy transitions. The paper ‘Contestation, contingency, and justice in the Nordic low-carbon energy transition’ looks at how five countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – are on course to […]

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A history of UK energy policy

A blog from Dr David Vincent on the CIED Centre website discusses the evolution of UK energy policy since 1945 and the changing factors influencing it. The blog is entitled ‘The historical foundations of UK energy policy since the 1940s‘. It was inspired by a Centre on Innovation and Energy […]

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What is exergy economics?

How a new approach may offer insights into decoupling energy use from economic output. Blog post from Paul Brockway of the University of Leeds.   Since 1971, each 1% increase in global GDP per capita has been associated with a 0.7% increase in per capita primary energy consumption. This conflicts […]

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Energy and the Economy event

energy and the economy

The Strathclyde Centre for Energy Policy is running an international workshop entitled ‘Energy and the Economy: Pushing the Boundaries’ in London on 2nd February. The event is organised by the EUED Working with Centres project ‘Energy Saving innovation and economy wide rebound effects’ led by Professor Karen Turner at the University […]

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Debating Energy Transitions – CIED Special

energy transitions

The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) contributed to a special section ‘Debating Energy Transitions’ in the Energy Research and Social Science Journal. The special section takes the form of a debate with six themed comments that read through as a conversation. The comments feature four authors from the […]

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Why social science is crucial in tackling climate change

Gas rings

EUED Centres Coordinator James O’Toole looks at the crucial importance of using social science approaches alongside technology in addressing greenhouse gas emissions. Scientist stereotypes? In the public consciousness, climate change science tends to focus on natural scientists (chemists, physicists, biologists etc.). Whether they are developing more energy efficient technologies, mapping […]

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CIED submit evidence on driverless technology

Driverless car

The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand team have provided driverless vehicle technology feedback to the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee. Dr Debbie Hopkins, Professor Tim Schwanen and Professor Benjamin Sovacool answered the call from the committee for research evidence on ‘connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology’ […]

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Spatial Adventures in Energy – Call for Papers


A special issue of the journal of Energy Research and Social Science, co-edited by the CIED Centre’s Dr Lucy Baker, is calling for contributions. The issue – full title ‘Spatial Adventures in Energy: Emerging Geographies of Energy Production and Use’ is co-edited with Dr Vanesa Castan Broto of University College […]

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How energy efficiency can boost incomes and the economy

energy transitions

A new blog from Strathclyde’s Centre for Energy Policy team digs beneath the obvious short-term effects of energy efficiency initiatives to explore knock-on economic and social benefits.  Following on from the Scottish First Minister’s announcement of £20m of energy efficiency funds as part of a general package to stimulate the […]

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New CIED brochure

CIED Centre graphic

The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand have produced a new brochure highlighting their current research activities and giving more information about their centre structure. Entitled ‘Accelerating innovation to reduce energy use’ the document sets out CIED’s three research themes – emergence, diffusion and impacts – and details projects under […]

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