A Bayesian Dynamic Method


A Bayesian Dynamic Method to Estimate the Thermophysical Properties of Building Elements in All Seasons, Orientations and with Reduced Error Open access article ‘A Bayesian Dynamic Method to Estimate the Thermophysical Properties of Building Elements in All Seasons, Orientations and with Reduced Error’ written by Virginia Gori, Phillip Biddulph and Clifford […]

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Estimation of thermophysical properties


Estimation of thermophysical properties from in-situ measurements in all seasons: Quantifying and reducing errors using dynamic grey-box methods Journal Article ‘Estimation of thermophysical properties from in-situ measurements in all seasons: Quantifying and reducing errors using dynamic grey-box methods’ co-authored by Virginia Gori, Research Associate at the RCUK Centre for Energy […]

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UK-Brazil research workshop


UK-Brazil research workshop on building data to support energy and carbon policies 23-25 April 2018, Brazil Energy Epidemiology: using building data to support energy and carbon policy in Latin America Brazil and the UK, like other major economies, face emissions reductions targets and the challenge of improving energy performance in […]

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Workshop – Energy Demand Research Challenges

energy demand workshop

Energy Demand Research Challenges Workshop Tuesday 13th March, London Workshop run by Professor Nick Eyre, Research Councils’ UK Energy Demand Research Champion. The EPSRC recently funded Professor Nick Eyre as the Energy Demand Research Champion for the Research Councils’ Energy Programme. The aim of the Champion grant is to develop a proposal […]

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Brazil energy epidemiology workshop


A workshop will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in April 2018 which aims to share knowledge and best practice around energy efficiency in buildings. Building on the work of the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology, the workshop is funded by the British Council via the Newton Fund. UCL’s […]

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Minister announces iNUMBER CEE-related project


Science Minister Jo Johnson announced the iNUMBER project – one of four collaborative projects between UK researchers and the Indian government – at the India-UK tech summit in New Delhi on 1st November. The project is part of the ‘Energy Demand Reduction in the Built Environment’ programme fund under the […]

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Lancet Countdown 2017 report

lancet countdown

The prestigious ‘Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change’ report for 2017 is now available. The report is co-authored by members of the Centre for Energy Epidemiology (CEE) team. The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change is an international, multidisciplinary, long-term effort to identify and address the links between […]

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CEE research in Clean Growth plan

clean growth

The government’s new Clean Growth Strategy references research from the Centre for Energy Epidemiology(CEE). The long-awaited document lays out the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions while boosting the national income. Members of the CEE team were part of the Levering Economics […]

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Springing a leak? The gaps in airtightness regulations


Findings from the Centre for Energy Epidemiology raise concerns about whether new buildings are compliant with building regulations on airtightness. In a paper entitled ‘Hitting the target and missing the point’: Analysis of air permeability data for new UK dwellings and what it reveals about the testing procedure‘ a group […]

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Mobility as a Service: The route forward?

mobility as a service

Meet the researchers looking into the concept of ‘mobility as a service’ that could replace the need for personal vehicles. Attitudes to transport With the need to reduce carbon emissions across society ever-growing, every area of our lives is being scrutinised for ways to cut down on unnecessary energy use. […]

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Tunnel vision – taking heat from beneath the streets


Members of the i-STUTE and CEE teams have won a £200k grant to investigate recovering heat from London’s subterranean tunnels. The London Urban Sub-Terrain Energy Recovery (LUSTER) project is led by Professor Graeme Maidment of London South Bank University, who will work with Dr Akos Revesz to look at a […]

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CEE’s Virginia Gori wins EPSRC Fellowship


The Centre for Energy Epidemiology’s Dr Virginia Gori has been awarded a prestigious EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship. Dr Gori (of the UCL Energy Institute) will be studying ‘Bayesian Building Physics: The Rapid Characterisation of Dynamic Building Heat Loss’. The two-year fellowship awards exceptional candidates who have just finished EPSRC-funded PhDs. […]

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EBC annual report features CEE Centre


The International Energy Agency’s Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) Programme Annual Report features the CEE Centre’s ‘Building Energy Epidemiology’ project  The project’s full title is ANNEX 70: ‘Building Energy Epidemiology: Analysis of Real Building Energy Use at Scale’. The work is lead by the UCL Energy Institute’s Dr Ian […]

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CEE Director in India with BEIS Delegation


The Centre for Energy Epidemiology’s Professor Tadj Oreszczyn was in New Delhi on 6-7th April as part of an India-UK Energy for Growth Dialogue. The event was the first of its kind and aimed to cement the committment between India and the UK to work together on Energy for Growth. […]

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Spark of Life Exhibition features EUED people

spark of life

The Wellcome Collection’s exhibition on the story of electricity ‘The Spark of Life’ features contributions from EUED colleagues from the CEE and DEMAND Centres. The exhibition – at the Wellcome Collection gallery in London – looks at the representation and uses of electricity in art and science throughout history. The […]

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Next dimension of building energy modelling?

energy modelling

UCL’s Steve Evans and Dr Rob Liddiard on a new kind of 3D modelling that is giving a deeper understanding of energy use in buildings and premises.   Imagine having an explorable 3D map of all the shops and offices in a town or city. For researchers and policymakers trying […]

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Oreszczyn around Australia and New Zealand

Centre for Energy Epidemiology Director Professor Tadj Oreszczyn has been promoting the work of the Centre in Australia and New Zealand with seminars, keynotes and research meetings. The highlights of a packed schedule included the IREE 2017 conference and Insulation Plus! Oreszczyn gave the opening keynote at the ‘Improving Residential […]

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