Energy efficiency in a materials world?


A new blog from the CIEMAP team on the Climate Policy Journal site looks at how we calculate the true cost of materials for carbon budgets. The team argue that the conventional way of assessing a country’s carbon footprint – by measuring emissions within the country’s borders – neglects the […]

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UK trade generates 25m jobs worldwide


A new paper from CIEMAP reports that along with 525mt of CO2, the UK’s international trade generates 25 million jobs overseas. Authored by Marco Sakai, Anne Owen and John Barrett (of the University of Leeds) the study highlights the complexity of different factors affecting energy demand reduction, trade and economics. […]

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Interactive Carbon Footprint Data from CIE-MAP

The EUED CIE-MAP team at the University of Leeds Sustainability Research Institute have created a new website which allows users to look at data from their Carbon Footprint modelling project interactively. The work’s overall aim was to look at the way the UK’s Carbon Footprint is calculated, taking into account […]

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