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BBC online series on innovation cites CIED Director

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Fresh winds are blowing

Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) is cited in a feature article ‘Smart Power: Fresh winds are blowing’ by Tom Espiner, as part of the BBC’s ‘The Disruptors’ series.

The article about smart power and energy storage is part of the BBC’s ‘The Disruptors’ series focusing on technological innovation.


Professor Benjamin Sovacool Director, CIED

Excerpt from BBC Article ‘The Disruptors – Smart Power: Fresh winds are bowing’

Not all experts are convinced by relatively unproven energy storage technologies

Prof Sovacool says he thinks that liquid air energy storage (LAES) has some promise, but in general he is sceptical of technologies that are “technically feasible but still [have] a long way to go”.

He says that “for now – for the immediate future – which one can argue matters most for our Paris agreement targets and the health of the planet, the only economically or socially feasible large-scale storage systems would be pumped hydro, compressed air energy storage, and perhaps flywheels.”

Whichever technology stays the course, the changing landscape has brought energy companies, car companies and data companies together.

And because there’s no one “silver bullet” technology, it’s clear that energy storage problems are going to be solved in lots of different ways – by individuals, start-ups, communities and cities – challenging the energy giants who have dominated the landscape up till now.

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