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Jan Rosenow

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Dr Jan Rosenow

EUED Centre or Project

Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED)

What is your role?

Senior Research Fellow since June 2015

Tell us about your work

I have been working as a consultant on energy and climate policy for many years and recently led the energy efficiency policy work of Ricardo, a global engineering and consulting firm with 2000+ staff. I have an aptitude for combining policy-relevant consulting with rigorous academic research.

What do you see as the key area to focus on to reduce energy demand and meet carbon emission reduction targets?

Reducing our energy consumption is key to addressing many of the world’s most pressing problems in my view. But this will not happen without strong policy drivers. Developing strong and long-term policies to transform energy demand, create new jobs, reduce fuel poverty and save carbon emissions is something I am very passionate about.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I used to live on a small island in the North Sea for one year working in the National Park and counting birds.

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