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First in a series of profiles of people working in the End Use Energy Demand Centres and associated projects across the country.


Dr Anne OwenAnne Owen

EUED Centre or Project

CIE-MAP Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products

Tell us about your work

I have been a Research Fellow in Material Flow Accounting and Input-output Analysis since 1st September 2013.

I am currently working on developing an input-output database for the UK capable of tracing all the flows of goods and services that result on the UK’s final demand for products. When data on the raw materials extracted by sector and the energy used by sector is added to this database, I will be able to calculate the full supply chain impacts of the products we consume. These impacts take into account materials and energy used both in the UK and in the countries we trade with.

What were your previous roles?

I have worked as a Research Associate at the University of Leeds since 2011 specialising in consumption-based accounting. Prior to working at Leeds, I have worked at the Stockholm Environment Institute, York as a GIS analyst and as Mathematics teacher in Sheffield.

What do you see as the key important area that needs to be focussed on to reduce energy demand and meet carbon emission reduction targets?

I would argue that policies to reduce energy demand and meet carbon emission targets need to be built on robust evidence. In order for this to happen, data collectors, modellers and analysts need to have access to detailed high quality datasets where any assumptions are clearly explained, justified and given an estimate of uncertainty.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I once inspired a song written by a local York band…

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