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Angeles Rivero Pacho

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Tell us about your work

I am a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick and I am also the Project Manager of the Centre. I have been working in i-STUTE for 2.5 years. My current research focuses on the development of alternative carbon composites for adsorption generators than can be used in heat driven heat pumps. I carry out experiement testing the thermophysical properties of these alternatives composites and as well run computer simulations of their performance in a heat pump.

What were your previous roles?

Before I started working for i-STUTE I did my PhD at the University of Warwick on the development of a complete sorption heat pump system.

What do you see as the key important areas that need to be focussed on to reduce energy demand and meet carbon emission reduction targets?

I see two important areas of different disciplines that can help to reduce the CO2 emissions. One of them is the engineering aspect, that can develop new products, research new materials and investigate new working methods that lead to higher efficiency of machines and industrial processes, such as heating systems, heat storage or refrigeration.

The other discipline that can play an important role is the social science aspect. Being more environmentally aware and taking small sacrifices such as recycling, insulating your house or reducing your animal products consumption (food, clothes, etc) can lead to huge CO2 savings.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

One day a few months ago in Netflix I found and watched Cowspiracy and after years of being on and off of vegetarianism I decided to become vegan. Now I enjoy looking for interesting vegan recipes, discovering new interesting plan based foods and cooking them. Did you know that a vegan meal produces 40% less CO2 than an average meaty meal?

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