PhD students

PhD studentsListed below are the current PhD students working in the EUED Centres and a brief description of their work. 

CEE PhD Students

  • Jonathan Chambers (University College London) – Measuring the impact, including rebound effects, of domestic energy efficiency retrofit in individual properties.
  • Virginia Gori (University College London) – A novel method for the estimation of thermophysical properties of walls from short and seasonal-independent in-situ surveys
  • Sung Min Hong (University College London) – Benchmarking and assessing energy consumption for the UK non-domestic stock
  • Badria Jaffar (University College London) – An evaluation of building energy efficiency policies in the GCC 
  • Melissa C. Lott (University College London) – The Intersection of Energy Systems and Public Health
  • Ed Sharp (University College London) – The spatiotemporal patterns of energy demand and supply in the UK
  • Emma Terama (University College London) – Sustainable consumption in the urban transition
  • Faye Wade (University College London) – Investigating the role of plumbers in providing the most appropriate central heating solutions to householders
  • Peter Warren (University College London) – Electricity Demand-Side Management: Best Practice Programmes for the UK
  • Shu Yang (University College London) – Exploring the Home Energy Use Attitudes of the UK Residents 

CIED PhD Students

  • Paul Fairhurst  (University of Sussex) – Diffusion of low energy innovations using agent-based modelling
  • Jack Miller (University of Sussex) – Role of energy efficiency in economic growth
  • Donal Brown (University of Sussex) – Status and bariers to low energy buildings in the UK
  • Sofia Kesidou (University of Sussex) – Supply chain integration within the construction industry

CIE-MAP PhD Students

  • Suzana Matoh  (University of Leeds) – Business decision making for material demand reduction
  • Patrick Keen (Nottingham Trent University)
  • Alex Rodrigues – Driving in the Wrong Lane: Towards a longer lifespan of cars
  • Ann Stevenson – (Cardiff University)
  • Kyungeun Sung (Nottingham Trent University) – Sustainable Production and Consumption by Upcycling: Waste Prevention, Product Attachment and Product Longevity through Upcycling

CSEF PhD Students

  • Falah Alzuwaid (Brunel University London) – Integrated thermal energy storage (TES) in refrigeration systems for energy savings
  • Helen Breewood (University of Manchester) – Food sustainability
  • Angelina Frankowski (University of Manchester) – Sustainable production, energy and water aspects, life cycle assessment, and life cycle costing
  • Antonios Konstantas (University of Manchester) – Sustainable food supply chains, life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting, corporate sustainability and sustainable production and consumption
  • Liang Li (Brunel University London) – Experimental and theoretical investigation of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems for waste energy recovery
  • Hassan Mroue (Brunel University London) – Studying the effect of multi-pass heat pipe based heat exchangers for heat recovery applications in industry
  • Zoi Mylona (Brunel University London) – Systems and strategies for energy efficient environmental systems for food retail and catering
  • Demetris Parpas (Brunel University London) – Optimisation of refrigeration systems
  • Natalia Sieti (University of Manchester) – Industrial ecology, eco-efficiency, sustainable business models, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability performance
  • Thiago Santos (Brunel University London) – Thermal control of catering facilities to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption, including the use of Phase Change Materials for ventilative cooling.
  •  I Dewa Made Cipta Santosa (Brunel University London) – Optimisation of gas coolers for use in Transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems
  • Evangelia Vasiliki Topriska (Brunel University London) – Renewable Hydrogen production for domestic/ cooking applications
  • Virginia Martin Torrejon (Brunel University London) – development of a new technology for manufacturing biofoams for food thermal packaging applications
  • Konstantinos Tsamos (Brunel University London) – experimental research in the field of CO2 refrigeration
  • Walid Youssef (Brunel University London) – Optimization of Thermal Solar Systems using Phase Change Materials

DEMAND PhD Students

  • Michael Allen (Lancaster University) – energy use of live musical performances
  • Julian Burkinshaw (University of Leeds) – role of business as an actor in steering work travel
  • Mitchell Curtis (University of Reading) – understanding the energy demand in small to medium enterprises
  • Joe Gillett (Lancaster University) – how high and low carbon-intensive forms of leisure and exercise become ‘normalised’
  • Iain Goddard (Lancaster University) – shared car use
  • Torik Holmes (Lancaster University) – the relationship between practices of gentrification and energy demand
  • Carolynne Lord (Lancaster University) – the impact of the tablet computer
  • Mary Pothitou (University of Reading) – users’ needs and expectations in commercial buildings
  • Flavia Vintila (Lancaster University) – hotels as sites of energy use that are neither home nor work



  • Hala El Bilbaisi (Warwick Business School) –
  • Christina Francis (London South Bank University) –
    Sustainable Refrigerated Road Transport

    Oluyemi Jegede (University of Warwick) –

  • Le Khoa (University of Ulster) –  Modelling of a PMSG Wind Turbine with Autonomous Control
  • Daniel Mahon (Loughborough University) – Material choice and characteristics, reactor design and domestic acceptance and implementation
  • Jose Pereira da Cunha – (Loughborough University) Phase change materials for thermal energy storage
  • Miguel Ramirez (University of Ulster) – Heat Pumps and Thermal Energy
  • Akos Revesz (London South Bank University) – Ground source heat pumps and their interactions with underground railway tunnels in an urban environment: A review
  • Christopher Wilson (University of Ulster) – Development of advanced heat pump and thermal storage systems capable of cost effective demand side management