RCUK Energy LogoThe EUED Centres are made up of over 200 staff across 25+ institutions.

Full list of all our academic, industry and policy partners

For a detailed list of people in each centre please visit the individual Centres’ websites.

Below is a list of key people associated with the EUED umbrella organisation.

See also a list of EUED Centres’ Research (PhD) Students and our collection of Profiles of EUED staff.

The EUED Centre Directors

Centres Coordinator

End Use Energy Demand Champion

A new EUED Champion, Professor Nick Eyre was appointed in 2017 to put together a new national centre for End Use Energy Demand to start in 2018.


The Centres report to a High-Level Group convened by the RCUK Energy Programme. Each has responsibility for a particular centre

RCUK Energy Programme 

Staff at the RCUK Energy Programme with direct oversight of the Centres are

  • Dr Dan Emmerson
  • Dr Glenn Goodall