Industrial decarbonisation of the pulp and paper sector


Industrial decarbonisation of the pulp and paper sector: A UK perspective Paper ‘Industrial decarbonisation of the pulp and paper sector’ released by the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE-MAP). The paper is co-authored by CIE-MAP’s Professor Geoffrey Hammond, Dr Jonathan Norman and Dr Paul Griffin from the Department […]

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On the cusp of a driverless transition?

nissan diverless

On the cusp of a driverless transition? Blog about driverless transition posted on the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) website on 31 January 2018. Written by Dr Debbie Hopkins Research Fellow, CIED, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford. There is a great deal of excitement about the potential of driverless vehicles […]

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Energy bills, consumer power and beyond

Energy bills, consumer power and beyond Blog originally posted by Nora Blascsok, communications and Engagement Officer, Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED). Posted on the CIED website on 25th January 2018. Reflections on the 7th Big Energy Saving Week by Nora Blascsok Events across the country are taking place this week to […]

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CIED Director cited in The Telegraph

smart meter Telegraph

CIED Director cited in The Telegraph Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Director of The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) receives National media coverage in the ‘Ask a money expert’ section of The Telegraph. The article about smart meters responds to a consumer who questions whether their energy supply can be remotely […]

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IOR Annual Conference 2018

heat exchangers

Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) Annual Conference 2018 The IOR is holding its annual conference during the HVACR Show on the 25th January at EXCEL in London. IOR – Heating and Cooling – Smart Systems for Recovery, Integration and Energy Saving Find out what new ways you could improve the efficiency […]

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Barriers to building energy efficiency in Finland

New study looks at the barriers to building energy efficiency in Finland Article on energy efficiency by Nora Blascsok, CIED, Sussex University Article Excerpt A new paper co-authored by CIED researcher Dr Paula Kivimaa argues that, despite relatively well-advancing energy efficiency efforts, a lack of technical skills, disinterest in energy efficiency and poor […]

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How Much Energy Do We Need?

patio-heaters-1024x766 - How much energy do we need blog

How Much Energy Do We Need? Blog by Kris de Decker a visiting Research Fellow at the Demand Centre, Lancaster University. Because energy fuels both human development and environmental damage, policies that encourage energy demand reduction can run counter to policies for alleviating poverty, and the other way around. Achieving both […]

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Electric mobility and vehicle-to-grid integration


Electric mobility and vehicle-to-grid integration: unexplored questions and benefits BLOG by Benjamin Sovacool Reducing energy demand in the transportation sector is one of the most difficult challenges we face to meet our CO2 emission reduction targets. Due to the sector’s dependence on fossil fuel energy sources and the monumental negative consequences for climate […]

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Innovation, low energy buildings and intermediaries in Europe

Green blue windows sky innovation

Innovation, low energy buildings and intermediaries in Europe: systematic case study review A new paper by Paula Kivimaa and Mari Martiskainen argues that policies at the EU, national and local levels are the main drivers behind low energy innovation in the building sector in Europe, while environmental concerns also rank highly. The paper titled […]

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Bedazzled by Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Bedazzled by Energy Efficiency In this article, Kris de Decker considers how the focus on energy efficiency causes present ways of life to be non-negotiable, and discusses how transforming present ways of life is key to mitigating climate change and decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. Kris de Decker is […]

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Utilities and the low-carbon future – Interview

Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Director of CIED interviewed by Siemens on the role of utility companies in the low carbon transition at the European Utility Week. The article focuses on the role of utility companies in the transition to a low-carbon future and on how policy can drive the decarbonisation of […]

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The Smart Meter Rollout

The smart meter rollout: Social questions and challenges A new report authored by Dr Benjamin Sovacool, Dr Paula Kivimaa and Dr Kirsten Jenkins looks at the social questions and challenges around the rollout of smart meters in Great Britain and makes recommendations to policymakers on ways to accelerate the uptake […]

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Publication – Demanding Energy: Space, Time and Change

Demanding Energy

Demanding Energy: Space, Time and Change brings together an exciting range of work from the DEMAND Centre. Further information about the publication, contributors and open access sections is available below and via the Demanding Energy website. Watch an animated ‘book trailer’ for an audio-visual flavour of its distinctive approach.    Demanding […]

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Food routines and energy policy

food routines

Understanding energy-intensive food routines, and identifying opportunities for intervention. A new paper entitled ‘Food related routines and energy policy: A focus group study examining potential for change in the United Kingdom’ (published in Energy Research and Social Science) from researchers at the University of Manchester part of CSEF (Centre for Sustainable Energy […]

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Energy and Economic Growth book launch

energy and economic growth

CIED’s Professor Tim Foxon’s book Energy and Economic Growth will be launched on 14th December with a presentations and a q&a session. The book – full title ‘Energy and Economic Growth: Why we need a new pathway to prosperity’ – provides a historical and ecological perspective on current challenges of […]

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Brazil energy epidemiology workshop


A workshop will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in April 2018 which aims to share knowledge and best practice around energy efficiency in buildings. Building on the work of the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology, the workshop is funded by the British Council via the Newton Fund. UCL’s […]

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UK-China low carbon manufacturing workshop

RCUK Energy Logo

The RCUK Energy Programme is holding a two-day UK-China workshop in March 2018 to look a potential collaborations with Chinese participants in low-carbon manufacturing. The workshop will take place in Wuhan, China. A call for research proposals funded by the  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Programme (EPSRC) in partnership with […]

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