EUED Centres at ERSS

The 1st International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science (ERSS) was held from 2-5th April in Sitges, Spain with numerous EUED Centre inputs. The conference was co-chaired by Professor Benjamin K Sovacool, Director of the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) and also Editor of the Elsevier Energy Research and Social Science Journal … Read more

Are we nearly there yet? The move to low-carbon transport

low-carbon trust

A new book co-edited by the Centre on Innovation & Energy Demand’s Dr Debbie Hopkins looks at how we can begin to make the big leap away from fossil fuel powered mobility:   As we progress into the 21st century, people are becoming increasingly aware that fossil fuel powered societies are unsustainable and causing critical … Read more

CIE-Map in Japan


Members of the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE-MAP) visited Kamakura, Japan for the 24th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering (LCE 2017). The conference is run by the College International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP) . Subtitled ‘the next stage of sustainable manufacturing in IoT Era’ the event looks at the … Read more

Ice and easy? Fridge-freezers in Bangkok and Hanoi


A new Research Insight from the DEMAND Centre throws light on the role fridge-freezers can play in the balance between energy demand and social practices around food. Researchers from the DEMAND Centre have carried out 52 interviews with people in Bangkok (Thailand) and Hanoi (Vietnam) around how they use their fridge-freezers, which have become common … Read more

Enhancing the policy impact of energy research

policy impact

A special section of the Journal of Energy Research and Social Science (edited by CIED’s Benjamin K Sovacool) explores ways to foreground the social in energy research.  The section begins with a full length article by Adam Cooper entitled ‘Building physics into the social: Enhancing the policy impact of energy studies and energy social science … Read more

Understanding Energy Demand – EPSRC guest blog

understanding energy

EUED Centres Coordinator James O’Toole contributes a guest blog to the EPSRC website describing the work of the Centres. The post offers a brief overview of the work the Centres are carrying out towards the overall goal of reducing energy demand in the UK.  Read the blog on the EPSRC website

New briefing on phase-out policies


Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand calls for policies that expedite the phase-out of carbon intensive technologies to accelerate low-carbon innovations. In a new policy briefing entitled ‘Accelerating low-carbon innovation: the role for phase-out policies’ Dr Florian Kern, Dr Karoline Rogge and Dr Paula Kivimaa argue that phase-out of high-carbon activities is crucial to the … Read more

CIED cited in House of Lords autonomous vehicles report

autonomous vehicles

A new report on autonomous vehicles from the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee cites evidence from the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED). The report, entitled ‘Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV): The future?’ was the result of an inquiry inspired by the rapid development of CAV technology and the need for the … Read more

CIED blog on automated vehicles

automated vehicles

A new blog from CIED’s Suzanne Fisher-Murray explores the implications of potential ‘radical innovations’ in automated vehicles in the freight industry. The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) held a workshop in London on 20th March jointly organised with the University of Oxford Transport Studies Unit. Stakeholders gathered to discuss how the freight industry … Read more

Beijing Mission Innovation Event

mission innovation

Deadline extended to apply to be part of the Second Mission Innovation Ministerial in Beijing in June 2017. Mission Innovation is a global initiative of 22 countries and the European aiming to dramatically accelerate global clean energy innovation by increasing government investment and encouraging private sector investment in clean energy R&D. The group will meet … Read more

TEDDINET C-tech Symposium

teddinet logo

Deadline approaching for TEDDINET symposium on Managing Energy Use in Non-domestic Buildings. The symposium will bring together representatives from academia, industry and policy to share and discuss cutting-edge insights around digital technologies and behaviour-change interventions for reducing energy use in the workplace. The event will take place at the Digital Catapult in London on 26 … Read more

Spark of Life Exhibition features EUED people

spark of life

The Wellcome Collection’s exhibition on the story of electricity ‘The Spark of Life’ features contributions from EUED colleagues from the CEE and DEMAND Centres. The exhibition – at the Wellcome Collection gallery in London – looks at the representation and uses of electricity in art and science throughout history. The Centre for Energy Epidemiology (CEE)’s … Read more

CEE director talks prescription heating to Radio New Zealand

On a recent trip to the southern hemisphere CEE Director Professor Tadj Oreszczyn talked to Radio New Zealand about the links between home heating and health.   Professor Oreszczyn appeared on the Nine to Noon show with Kathryn Ryan on 9th March 2017. He talked about UK research findings that investing money in insulating and … Read more

Next dimension of building energy modelling?

energy modelling

UCL’s Steve Evans and Dr Rob Liddiard on a new kind of 3D modelling that is giving a deeper understanding of energy use in buildings and premises.   Imagine having an explorable 3D map of all the shops and offices in a town or city. For researchers and policymakers trying to find ways to reduce … Read more

CIED’s Geels joins EEA Scientific Committee


Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) Co-Director Professor Frank Geels has joined the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) Scientific Committee. Professor Geels, of the University of Manchester Sustainable Consumption Institute was invited to join the panel of one of five new members selected from 190 applicants. The EEA advises European countries on ‘developing, adopting, implementing … Read more

Oreszczyn around Australia and New Zealand

Centre for Energy Epidemiology Director Professor Tadj Oreszczyn has been promoting the work of the Centre in Australia and New Zealand with seminars, keynotes and research meetings. The highlights of a packed schedule included the IREE 2017 conference and Insulation Plus! Oreszczyn gave the opening keynote at the ‘Improving Residential Energy Efficiency International Conference’ at … Read more