Invisible Energy Review produced for UKERC

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Jan Selby and Sarah Royston of DEMAND’s ‘Invisible Energy Policy’ project (University of Sussex) were commissioned by UKERC to write a scoping paper on “Impacts of non-energy policy on energy systems”.

The report, co-authored with Emily Cox, was published in November 2016.  Its aims were to i) produce a comprehensive review of existing research on the impact of non-energy policies on energy systems; and on the basis of this ii) propose a future research agenda.

In total, 576 documents were reviewed by the team. The report looks at 13 non-energy policy sectors in turn, and reviews their impacts on energy supply and demand, as well as highlighting the impacts of cross-cutting agendas such as liberalisation and (de)centralisation.

UKERC (UK Energy Research Council) will use the report to inform future funding priorities in this area, including a new call for proposals under the Flexible Research Fund which is expected to be announced in early 2017.

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