i-STUTE presentation in China


LSBU’s Akos Revesz presented his i-STUTE work on waste heat recovery at an event in Xi’an China.

The event was a Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshop funded by the British Council and was organised between UK and Chinese partners (Coventry University and Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology). The workshops are aimed at early career researchers wanting to build international links and collaborations and gain experience.

The workshop was held over two days and featured 36 presentations from 45 participants representing 27 universities. Mr Revesz was representing the EUED Interdisciplinary Centre for Storage, Transformation and Upgrading of Thermal Energy (i-STUTE) in particular the team from London South Bank University. His work involves looking at ways to capture and reuse heat that is lost into the ground above underground tunnels and was well received by the Chinese partners.

It is hoped that the event will lead to future international collaborations across the network.

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