Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy

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global energy policyCIED Director Professor Benjamin K Sovacool has cowritten a new book aiming to answer ’15 contentious questions’ on energy sustainability and climate change.

Written with Dr Marilyn A Brown of Georgia Institute of Technology School of Public Policy and Dr Scott V Valentine of City University Hong Kong, the book presents a variety of arguments from both sides of 15 key debates in the field. It suggests areas of common ground from which the debate can move forward. The book focusses on global energy policy questions currently facing the global community.

The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) website gives more detail on the book and contains a video interview with Dr Brown addressing one of the book’s questions ‘Is energy efficiency a worthwhile investment’. There is also a blog addressing whether shale gas is a bridge to a clean energy future, another of the book’s key questions.

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More on the book at John Hopkins University Press