Spark of Life Exhibition features EUED people

spark of life

spark of lifeThe Wellcome Collection’s exhibition on the story of electricity ‘The Spark of Life’ features contributions from EUED colleagues from the CEE and DEMAND Centres.

The exhibition – at the Wellcome Collection gallery in London – looks at the representation and uses of electricity in art and science throughout history.

The Centre for Energy Epidemiology (CEE)’s Dr Michael Fell created a ‘data sonification’ video which turns data about the daily peaks and troughs of energy use from the national grid into a sound track. Information is overlaid about the way we use electricity and how ways to level out the peaks and troughs could reduce demand and make the energy supply safer.

The DEMAND Centre’s Elizabeth Shove and Kris De Decker contributed to an audio installation in the exhibition entitled ‘Electricity – where now?’. A number of electricity experts were recorded giving their insights into rising electricity consumption and the stability of electricity systems.

The End Use Energy Demand Centres are committed to creating impact for their research findings and contributing to the public debate on energy demand across a wide variety of platforms.

‘Electricity: The Spark of Life exhibition runs till 25th June 2017 at the Wellcome Collection, London. Full details

Photo credit: Thomas Bresson [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons