Research celebrated at EUED Gala


The End Use Energy Demand Centres Gala took place in Lancaster on 3rd & 4th July with 100 delegates from the six centres networking and sharing findings.

The event – held at the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts (LICA) – began with presentations from Lancaster University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ Simon Bainbridge followed by the DEMAND Centre’s Elizabeth Shove and EUED Coordinator James O’Toole.

Speed networking, discussion groups and a ‘heated’ debate on cooling made up the rest of Monday’s programme. Michelle Shipworth of UCL (FOR) and Mike Colechin of the Energy Technology Institute (AGAINST) argued whether ‘Innovation in technology has to provide the key solution to the rising energy demand for cooling’.

Day 2 began with a series of presentations from the Centre Directors (Tadj Oreszczyn. Benjamin Sovacool, Savvas Tassou,  Elizabeth Shove, Bob Critoph and John Barrett). A lively debate on the relevance of BEIS to ‘future trends and patterns in energy demand’ – with BEIS’s own James Davey arguing for his department, and John Barrett of Leeds University playing devil’s advocate- punctuated the morning presentations.

Following lunch, the newly-appointed EUED Champion, Nick Eyre outlined his vision for the next 5 years of EUED research as he begins to put together a proposal and consortium for a new EUED Centre.

More discussion groups followed, focussing on ‘learning from experience’ and ‘future research questions’ in the end use energy demand field. The conference finale was an exercise in physically grouping the future research questions emerging from the discussions.

The DEMAND Centre team based at Lancaster University organised and ran the event. The team hosted another EUED Gala in 2014, more information available here. 

Presentations, photos and other general information from the 2017 event are available here and content will be added over the next few weeks.

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