Enhancing the policy impact of energy research


A special section of the Journal of Energy Research and Social Science (edited by CIED’s Benjamin K Sovacool) explores ways to foreground the social in energy research. 

The section begins with a full length article by Adam Cooper entitled ‘Building physics into the social: Enhancing the policy impact of energy studies and energy social science research’.

The remainder of the special section is made up of eight shorter perspectives on the arguments raised as follows:

  • Noel Castree, Gordon Waitt, What kind of socio-technical research for what sort of influence on energy policy?
  • Paul Stern, How can social science research become more influential in energy transitions?
  • Allan Mazur, A Sociologist in Energyland: The importance of humans in energy studies research.
  • Ray Galvin, Humans and stuff: Interweaving social and physical science in energy policy research.
  • Janet Stephenson, What does energy mean? An interdisciplinary conversation.
  • B. Mallaband, S. Staddon, G. Wood, Crossing transdisciplinary boundaries within energy research: An ‘on the ground’ perspective from early career researchers.
  • Daniel Spreng, On physics and the social in energy policy.
  • Adam Cooper, Building a socio-technical energy research community: Theory, practice and impact.

The articles can be accessed on the Energy Research and Social Science journal website.