Energy and the Economy event

energy and the economy

energy and the economyThe Strathclyde Centre for Energy Policy is running an international workshop entitled ‘Energy and the Economy: Pushing the Boundaries’ in London on 2nd February.

The event is organised by the EUED Working with Centres project ‘Energy Saving innovation and economy wide rebound effects’ led by Professor Karen Turner at the University of Strathclyde. 

Economy-wide modelling in assessing and projecting the impact of energy policy changes is the event’s main focus as governments take more interest in the macro-economic effects of energy efficiency policy both nationally and internationally.

Two short workshops of presentations and plenary discussion will make up the content of the day. The first session will focus on applied modelling and the second will focus on multiple economic benefits of energy efficiency policy.


Speakers already announced include:

Robert Gross, University College London

Karen Turner, University of Strathclyde

Kim Swales, University of Strathclyde

Simon Koesler, BMWI

Lisa Ryan, University College Dublin

Gioele Figus, University of Strathclyde

Taran Faehn, Statistics Norway


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