Debating Energy Transitions – CIED Special

energy transitions

The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) contributed to a special section ‘Debating Energy Transitions’ in the Energy Research and Social Science Journal.

energy transitionsThe special section takes the form of a debate with six themed comments that read through as a conversation. The comments feature four authors from the CIED centre, namely Professor Benjamin K. Sovacool, Dr Florian Kern and Dr Karoline Rogge of the University of Sussex and Professor Frank Geels of the University of Manchester. 

The debate is a response to an earlier article featured in Energy Research and Social Science entitled ‘How Long Will it Take: Conceptualising the temporal dynamics of energy transitions‘.

The full contents are as follows:

See Energy Research and Social Science (ERSS) for more details.

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CIED investigates the drivers and barriers to low energy innovations throughout the economy and the implications of these innovations for energy demand. They aim to uncover the processes and mechanisms through which different types of innovations become (or fail to become) established, identify the role of different groups, explore the resulting impacts on energy demand, and develop recommendations for both facilitating the diffusion of such innovations and maximising their long-term impact.