CIEMAP’s Cooper in BBC Radio documentary


Professor Tim Cooper of Nottingham Trent University recently appeared on a BBC Radio documentary entitled ‘Costing the Earth’ looking at product lifetimes.

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in May the programme was presented by Jheni Osman and looked at the culture of throwing clothes and electronic gadgets away rather than repairing or recycling them and the environmental and economic impacts.

In the programme Professor Cooper – a co-director of the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIEMAP) – outlines that there are ‘literally a million tons of clothing, a million tons of electronic goods, two million tons of cars, just being thrown away. Often made with materials that could be reused but aren’t’.

Professor Cooper also talked about the problems with more durable goods being more expensive and the risk of pricing some consumers out of the market for certain products. One idea is for all goods to have a clearly marked ‘life expectancy’ on them in shops, so that people can calculate if they are better off investing long term in more expensive and longevious items.


Listen to the programme here: ‘Costing the Earth’ (BBC Radio 4)

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