CIEMAP blog on repair revolution


CIE-MAP’s Christine Cole and Alex Gnanapragasm’s blog in the The Conversation reveals how the repair of electrical goods is on the rise.

In a blog entitled ‘Community repair: a pop-up alternative to the throwaway society‘ the two Nottingham Trent University researchers document the rise of people repairing faulty household electrical goods as opposed to simply throwing them away and buying another.

Repairing devices reduces the strain on the environment of excessive production and disposal of goods. The blog discusses community repair workshops which also serve an educational and social function, empowering individuals to fix their devices and learn more about technology and the environment. They can also of course save money from not having to buy new items. 

Governments are also beginning to look at ways to encourage the circular economy, for example by reducing VAT on repair work and tightening up rules on product lifetimes/obsolescence.


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