CIED Director cited in The Telegraph

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CIED Director cited in The Telegraph

Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Director of The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) receives National media coverage in the ‘Ask a money expert’ section of The Telegraph.

The article about smart meters responds to a consumer who questions whether their energy supply can be remotely switched off without warning if they agree to the installation a smart meter.

Prof Sovacool was quoted saying he understood it was technically possible for your supplier to cut off your supply remotely, but that this would only be used as a last resort. For example, a prepayment meter customer who has fallen into extremely large arrears.

Excerpt of article

Smart meters: can energy suppliers (or hackers) turn off my supply remotely?

By Sam Meadows

19 JANUARY 2018 • 11:08AM

My energy provider has been offering me a smart meter for some time now.

I fear that if I do accept I will be handing them the power to switch off my supply at the flick of a switch, without warning. I’m also concerned that some other person may be able to shut off my supply for nefarious purposes.

Is this possible?

SB, via email

Smart meters, which are slowly replacing older meters, provide you with an in-house display so you can track your energy use.

They also connect to a wider network, giving energy suppliers your usage information, meaning they do not need to manually read the meter. Those championing the technology say this will lead to the end of estimated billing as suppliers can track your usage in real time.

Of course, as with any internet-based technology, this raises questions of security. Read the full article…

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