CIED directors call for sociotechnical acceleration


Four directors of the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) have published a paper in the Science journal calling for sociotechnical techniques to be adopted to speed up changes necessary to tackle climate change.

Professors Frank Geels, Benjamin K Sovacool, Tim Schwanen and Steve Sorrell (all directors of CIED) call for different sectors and disciplines to work together on the ‘big picture’ rather than focussing on particular narrow approaches to reducing demand.

Professor Sovacool states “Current rates of change are simply not enough. We need to accelerate transitions, deepen their speed and broaden their reach. Otherwise there can be no hope of reaching a 2 degree target, let alone 1.5 degrees. This piece reveals that the acceleration of transitions across the sociotechnical systems of electricity, heat, buildings, manufacturing, and transport requires new conceptual approaches, analytical foci, and research methods.”

The paper is entitled ‘Sociotechnical transitions for deep decarbonization‘ and is accessible on the Science website. A summary and more quotes from the authors are available on the University of Sussex site.

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