CEE research in Clean Growth plan

clean growth

The government’s new Clean Growth Strategy references research from the Centre for Energy Epidemiology(CEE).

The long-awaited document lays out the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions while boosting the national income.

Members of the CEE team were part of the Levering Economics for New Drivers to Energy Reduction and Sustainability (LENDERS) project, working with partners including Nationwide Building Society, Arup and the Energy Saving Trust. The project suggested that the energy ratings of properties should be factored into mortgage lenders’ assessments of properties and that incentives of bigger, cheaper mortgages should be offered to buyers of greener homes. The Clean Growth Strategy cites the LENDERS project (p.48, ‘UK Leadership in Green Finance) and calls for implementation of its ideas with ‘a range of innovative new “green mortgage” products’.

Influencing government policy with research evidence is a key part of the EUED Centres’ work across a range of departments and sectors locally and nationally.


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Picture from BEIS Clean Growth Strategy cover