Book Launch: Innovating Climate Governance


Book Launch: Innovating Climate Governance: Moving Beyond Experiments


Thursday, 3 May 2018

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

King’s College London, The Exchange, Bush House, Aldwych

‘Innovating Climate Governance: Moving Beyond Experiments’, co-edited by Dr Paula Kivimaa, Senior Research Fellow, Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED), Dr Bruno Turnheim, King’s College London and Professor Frans Berkhout, King’s College London.

This book launch features a discussion with the authors, a chapter contributor, and commentary from Professor Fred Steward, Emeritus Professor of Innovation and Sustainability, University of Westminster. The event will be followed by a drinks reception.

The book critically looks at climate governance experimentation, focusing on how experimental outcomes become embedded in practices, rules and norms. After the perceived failure of global approaches to tackling climate change, enthusiasm for local climate initiatives has blossomed worldwide, suggesting a more experimental approach to climate governance, while further reflecting on what climate governance experiments achieve, as well as what happens after and beyond these experiments. A bottom-up, polycentric approach is analysed, exploring the outcomes of climate experiments and how they can have broader, transformative effects in society.

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