Avoid, shift, reduce: new DEMAND transport blog


A new blog from Greg Marsden of the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at Leeds looks at the different approaches to reducing transport energy demand.

Professor Marsden’s blog – entitle ‘Can we reduce the amount of energy we use for transport?’ outlines the three main approaches of ‘avoid, shift, reduce’ to tackling energy demand in transport. He details some of the work being done by the DEMAND Centre into how progress could be made by altering the focus within these approaches.

The ‘reduce’ method – increasing energy efficiency of vehicles – tends to be the most popular, with some focus also on ‘shift’ – e.g. moving from cars to cycling or walking. The ‘avoid’ approach is less common and focusses on adjusting social practices to avoid travel, for example by working from home or shopping online.

Read the full blog on the ITS website.

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